Get to know me

Get to know me

Get to know me

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👋, I’m Ben
Crafting UX & CX, interfaces, websites, and apps – all with love.
Available for hire or contracting right away
Other things I love:
3D printing
Urban planning
My design work principles:
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Websites that win hearts

Aesthetic Webflow and Wordpress based websites. Convert visitors to loyal customers.
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Fluid & native-like UIs

Friendly and familiar patterns that voice your identity. Yet all beautiful.
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Thoughtful customer experiences

From simple to complex service design solutions.
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Ethical & accessible

Less deceptive patterns equals honest brand. A11Y your products.
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Working in systems

Named layers, tidy design systems.

Impactful works

Impactful works

Impactful works

Facilitating Salesforce customers to smoothly board VR meetings with the use of an app and an AI chatbot

Salesforce. Work thumbnail. Under construction. Klaipeda Design Center. Work thumbnail. Voxel. Work thumbnail.

Design is play

Curated collection of side projects and experiments. Pixel-pushing with Webflow, critical design experiments through Figma, or capturing how self-improvement apps visualize data. And more.

Coming soon.

Let’s connect

Let’s connect

Let’s connect

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Utrecht Area,
The Netherlands