I am Benas Dzimidas, 18 years old student based in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Currently studying at Klaipeda Eduardas Balsys gymnasium of Arts. Besides general education I have art lessons there. I am in the last, 12th form. Sports (especially gym and tennis), books, technology, geography, history, politics, being with my friends are what composes my free time.

My career started with the publication of my application for Android called Voxel in February of 2014. It is year 2018 now and a lot of things have happened that I did not even thought about back then. Several awards, recognition in Android personalisation community, numerous work at school, city or national-wide events.


Not only I like to use devices and gadgets but I also love to create something myself. Since I was a child I am always pumped up with joy and motivation to craft, modify, experiment new or existing content.


Nearly 5 years of learning web development, Java, Android app creation, UI/UX/graphic design allowed me to enter the world of creativity, growing myself step by step. I have worked with some individual clients as well as small businesses.


• Main nominee "Jaunasis IT kūrėjas (Junior IT creator)" winner at Lithuania's national youth awards "Kūrėjų Karta 2017". This is my biggest achievement in my life that brought more spirit into my future.
• Recognised in many Android communities, especially personalisation ones. Mentioned together with my works in numerous Android-related news sites, YouTube videos.
• Parliament member at Eduardas Balsys gymnasium of Arts. Responsible for design and other art works.