As a startup owner, you invest your precious time to launch a new product.

By putting trust in me, together we can fill the missing gap with the spice of “wow”.

I deliver design assets that will improve your company’s KPIs.

Assets, that are an investment – not an expense – increasing revenue & saving your time.

Let's make the success possible.

Making the experience working together smooth, transparent and honest.

Talking like humans involved into what’s better for the society, not as robots.

Thinking holistically, where small details as a part of a big system as well.


Gouda, The Netherlands 🇳🇱


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What friends know about me

💡 I love design & development and how these interconnect with business & users.

📱 Avid customization app creator since I was 14.

💼 Had incredible experience being at Salesforce as intern of UX design.

🍿 I will take (audio)books over Netflix any day.

🚴 Cycling with more benefits than just staying fit – also exploring the bicycle user experience concept.

🇳🇱 Since 2018 I live in The Netherlands. This is where my interest into urban planning kicked-off as a hobby.

🎓 2022 is my last year at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

With much love,