Pajurio Metro

Transport system concept for my hometown


Transport system concept for my hometown Klaipeda in Lithuania. Pajūrio Metro in English is literally Seaside Metro, as Klaipeda is a port next to Baltic Sea. This is the first major part of this project which is divided into 4 stages: identity, current transport analysis, defining new transport and visualization. This project was graded with maximum grade as one of the school exams.


Personal enthusiasm regarding new expansion methods in my hometown made me think of how transport could be improved. Over the years using public transport in Klaipeda I did notice its advantages and drawbacks. While city is prospering and a need for better transport sparks, it is inevitable to insert a new type of transport, which joins existing ones.




Projects by Can Ünsüloy, Efim Balaken & Eldis Erased were general inspirations and inspirations for Pajurio Metro identity. Concept of Vilnius Metro (Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania) was also used as inspiration for identity and transport analysis. Various findings online and in the books were used for defining Pajurio Metro visual system – from Paul Shone’s London Underground rolling stock concept to Tyne and Wear’s metro single use ticket.


I used Klaipeda Transport bus ridership statistics to determine possible metro routes. After determining hot zones and bus stops, I made an initial version of 20-30 stops. Later on I converged so I would have 11 stops in total, which joins various important parts of Klaipeda and even Palanga, which is a resort city with an airport next to Klaipeda.


Since my childhood I was into logistics and transport. Over time this interest converted not only into how public transport could be used for efficiency, but also for user experience. Does this brand makes customer feel more confident and safe? How can we avoid misunderstandings when we need to switch platforms in a metro station? Definitely I caught inspiration during my trips in Milan, Italy and London, United Kingdom. After that I had even more realization that even announcer’s voice and tone can impact the whole commute experience.



  • Visual identity & system
  • Proposed transport route
  • Lo-fi metro station 3D visualizations