Snapchat for Android

User interface redesign with case study


Application for Android and iOS that allows to capture any picture, video or message people. Its core functionality by default is to make content sent to the receiver accessible only for a short period of time.



Back in 2017 as a Snapchat user I felt there are interface issues, especially on Android version. As much as I like good products and services based on a very simple, but perfectly executed ideas, I would love to see some changes in design to align with Material Design language. Numerous changes to functionality and design were being released by Snapchat, but one was clear – there is a need for systemic and clean user interface.




Casper – an alternative Snapchat application released by the third party. Its goal is to improve user interface, lacking performance and functionality. 

Slingshot – Snapchat competitor introduced by Facebook in 2013. Due to lack of user engagement it was discontinued in 2015. Unfortunately, in 2017 I could not find a lot of good quality visual material for Slingshot’s interface.



A prototype was created after all 11 images were finished. It is basically user interface concept in action.



  • 11 concept images of Snapchat application for Android
  • Clickable prototype