Flat style icon pack for Android


Application for Android which allows to apply square flat style icons on your smartphone’s home screen. It is my first ever released icon pack and application for Android. 



Back in 2013 Android customization community was different than it is now. The market was still unsaturated, which means a lot of room to grow for developers and designers. Not only that, the urge inside me of starting with iconography was there as well.


Research & Process:

The successful process towards releasing Voxel was basically understanding what are Flat Design principles and good timing. I was already familiar with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, but especially when Voxel started to grow fast, I had to think of solutions how to improve my workflow. Besides design part, I had to spend a lot of time in Android development field for the first months. Eventually I jumped to a level where I understood the basics of Android development (Java/XML) thanks to tutorials on the internet. In late December 2013 I started closed-testing Voxel with Android customization community and a couple of friends.




A very successful attempt to create a visual system which would unify user’s homescreen appearance with icons and wallpapers. I took the opportunity of rising global interest in flat design principles and put into perspective to make users’ device look and feel more unified – the latter fact was lacking in some existing flat design icon packs. With the goal of having stable maintenance, visually consistent look, Voxel was able to be in the top charts of Android customization community for several years.



Voxel – Icon pack on YouTube



With this project I won nomination Jaunasis IT Kurejas (Junior IT Creator) with a prize of €1000 at Kureju Karta 2017. I consider this is as the biggest and most important award in my life.


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